paul van der zwaan
Paul Van Der Zwaan

Instructor, Swan Rescue, inventor SwanGard

Henning Ommen


Luis Carlos Rodríguez León

Coordinating Prosecutor for Road Safety for Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla

Fernando Ayuso Baptista

Managing Director of the Public Company of Health Emergencies (EPES)

Francisco Casado Martínez

Colonel in Reserve and expert in Military Driving and Road Safety

Antonio J. Lucas García

PhD in Communication and Road Safety

David Alonso Lorenzo

Industrial Engineer specialized in automotive engineering

Rafael Calvo Martín

Firefighter in the SRCI of the B.A. of Morón

Daniel García-Parra Varela

Firefighter, rescue trainer and expert in Safety, Health at Work and Occupational Risk Prevention

Antonio Roda Montes

Former Firefighting Technical Officer and Technical Architect