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We are a multidisciplinary team who, after years of experience in different fields, have decided to combine our knowledge to provide solutionsStarting from the premise that adequate training provides the necessary security for a quick, safe and effective action. Always ensuring the best response to achieve our goal: SAVING LIVES.

We are committed to building a better future together. We are the necessary impulse to make it possible: a place of exchange that is open to knowledge that actively promotes social development.

We are all about sharing knowledge and the desire to learn together, but also the desire to teach. We seek to shed light on new realities.

We pursue excellence by activating talent and human potential.

Why Savyt Rescue Institute?

We train professionals. We learning methodology adapts to the growth and development of people and companies.

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We are part of your team, and are always available to analyse, execute and measure.


Nowadays, it is what we expect and also what is expected of us, that we are ahead of the curve, and that we make decisions and take new actions.


Without involvement there is no point. Each project brings new excitement, new objectives and new challenges, and that is what makes us get up every day.


We understand that the future is built on a reality based on transparency, and we want to build futures together.


Being different and working effectively will allow us to be efficient in order to continue improving day by day.

SAVYT Method

Training for professionals

It is the result of 20 years of study, research, development and analysis of all existing rescue systems worldwide.

The "SAVYT" Method is aimed at all professionals in the world of emergency and rescue in road traffic accidents. It is based on four fundamental pillars: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PR2).

These are achieved through comprehensive training for professional and personal development that includes mentoring, consulting, learning, training and briefing , in a continuous and permanent learning process that will make you grow at all levels.

For the SAVYT RESCUE method it is essential to take into account the particularities, strategies, previous knowledge and attitudes of the people who will receive the training.

prevention, preparedness, response and recovery


Anticipating an event and preventing it from occurring.

The objective is very clear: to prevent the incident by protecting the property and lives of all those involved. It includes a set of different but complementary preparatory measures, at an objective and technical level, but also at a subjective and psychological level.


Our method trains first responders to recognise an emergency. An effective post-incident response integrates injury care, psychological care, legal support and the systematic collection of incident data. Una respuesta eficaz posterior a un siniestro integra la atención de lesiones, la atención psicológica, el apoyo legal y la recopilación sistemática de datos sobre los siniestros.


Anticipating an event and preventing it from occurring.

Prevention training is not only about having the knowledge to prevent an incident from occurring. There must be technical, health and psychological preparation to enable us to control the situation if it does occur.


Post-incident action is necessary, including a complete analysis of the technical, health and psychological response, data collection and recovery of the psychological state of the intervening team. In order to offer the best service, the fastest response and the greatest possible attention to direct and indirect victims.